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EvoloMedica Medical Repatriation

evolomedica is a medical company at the forefront of medical assistance. We specialise in providing bespoke medical solutions for travel insurance companies, private medical insurance providers and uninsured individuals. We can assist you whether or not you have insurance.

We have a wealth of experience in the field of medical repatriation and have a specialised team who assist patients with their care and repatriation back home.  Medical repatriation is something we do with our team of operations staff, linguists, medical teams and flight staff who are highly trained to manage and safely repatriate patients whether they are well enough to travel on a commercial flight or whether they require an Air Ambulance.

evolomedica is a growing company which is continuously evolving to provide the very best service to our clients requiring medical case management, aeromedical repatriation, second opinions on cases and medical training. In addition, we offer a range of bespoke medical services such as medical translations, cost containment, occupational health and travel medicine.


We are very proud to present our new office in Spain evoloassist. See the news section for more details