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Cost Containment

As well as offering worldwide medical repatriation, evolomedica also offers an effective cost containment service. We can obtain cost savings on medical bills for private medical insurers, travel insurance companies and uninsured individuals alike. Through this service, we can help our clients save money in all areas of medical repatriation from hospital bills to air ambulance quotes.

After years of experience liaising closely with Spanish hospitals, our expertise in relation to cost containment is particularly strong in Spain. We have built up extensive knowledge of the Spanish hospital system and the relationship between private and state hospitals in Spain.

Through complete case management and our excellent professional relationship with hospitals worldwide we can offer tangible savings on medical bills. We can provide detailed utilisation reviews based on the medical condition and length of hospital stay. Hospital bills are analysed by us and can be re-priced in accordance with our agreed costs, often making an important saving on the original billed costs.