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24/7 Operations

Our experienced Medical and Operations team are in the office and at the end of a phone 24/7, 365 days per year. We are always here to answer your call anytime of the day.

Air Ambulance Service

EvoloMedica provide a Air Ambulance service for individuals in europe and other countries worldwide.

Medical Repatriation and Evacuation

If a patient has become sick or injured overseas, additional medical repatriation or evacuation may be required to bring them back home safely.

Medical Case Management

We offer specialist worldwide medical case management. Our bespoke medical solutions are tailored to meet the needs of each individual case.

Hospital Admissions

Once back in the UK, patients often require hospital admissions to continue their treatment and care.

Second Medical Opinion

We can provide an impartial medical second opinion on international medical cases or any aspect of medical case management.

Translation Services

We offer a top-quality medical translation service. We can translate your medical documents from a variety of languages into English.

Medical Training

We can provide training for both operations teams and medical escorts.

Travel Health Advice

We can provide specific, concise and relevant travel health advice to small businesses that send their employees abroad.

Cost Containment

As well as offering worldwide medical repatriation, Evolo Medica also offers an effective cost containment service.

UK Assistance

Assistance in the UK is a new service we are offering. Evolomedica has a network of medical professionals across the UK, and can facilitate access to UK medical services for you.