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Medical Training

We can provide training for both operations teams and medical escorts. We are happy to attend offices to provide medical and repatriation training for operations staff so that they too can become experienced in the art of repatriation. Medical training is available for people who have little medical knowledge and for those who have a level of medical training already.

Aeromedical transportation is a highly specific area, which requires knowledge of aviation physiology, emergency medicine, as well as clinical experience in patient care and excellent problem solving skills. Medical escorts need to be appropriately skilled and experienced, as well as confident to work alone outside the hospital environment.

We provide in-house training for our medical escorts in all aspects of the role. 

With one of our associate companies we can also offer

  • First Aid at Work
  • Moving and Handling Loads and People
  • Basic Life Support, Defibrillation and Immediate Life Support