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Mr B H

Repatriation from Germany

My wife was repatriated from Bellin to London yesterday accompanied by Dr A who was wonderful in the care, support and reassurance that heĀ provided for her an myself. The trip went smoothly and it was great to have everything efficiently organised from door to door. Dr A had a lovely manner and carried out all aspectes of the trip efficiently in making contact with us and ensuring my wife was monitored and well cared for throughout the trip

Mrs A D

Repatriation from Thailand

I'm extremely grateful for my son's repatriation. It went well and heĀ arrived in good shape. He would like me to thank the whole medical team for their kindness, efficiency and courtesy and particularly thank his nurse escort who took him from Pattaya to Heatrhow and was most kind and considerate. Unfortunately my son is unable to speak or write his gratitude but my heartfelt thanks to all who got him home for me. I will never forget how you got him back to me

Mrs J M

Repatriation from Antigua

May I thank you company for speedy and efficient way in which you dealt with our situation and also for the manner in which our flight nurse tool complete charge of our situation. As someone who avoids flying, I was very nervious but she took care of me as well as my husband. She was tremendously efficient thoughtful and very kind and made sure the our repatriation was smooth and comfortable

Mrs R H

Repatriation from France

Once again I congratulate you and the team on your efficiency and good work. Thank you also for sending Dr W to fly back with us. He was caring, friendly and made the logistics at the airport much easier for us