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Translation Services

evolomedica offer a high-quality medical translation service. We can translate your medical documents from a variety of languages into English.

We translate for individual clients, translation companies, GPs, hospitals, insurance companies and many other types of clients requiring medical translation. If you are a patient who has already returned home from overseas and are now looking for a medical report to be translated for your doctor, we can assist you with a translation quickly and accurately.

We are happy to take on a wide range of medical translation projects from simple medical invoices to more complex medical documents such as in-depth medical reports.

All of our translators and proof readers are qualified and experienced native English speakers. Our medical translators are carefully selected and closely vetted by us before joining our medical translation team.

Following translation, your document will be rigorously reviewed to check accuracy, style, content, consistency and correct use of relevant glossaries. After translation, the work is checked by our expert team of in-house medical specialists. Our competitive pricing structure is based on the number of words in the source document, the language combination, the degree of formatting required and the level of urgency.

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