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Commercial Medical Repatriations

Aeromedical repatriation is a specialised service which evolomedica  can provide you with. We organise commercial medical repatriations and air ambulance flights depending on the condition and requirements of the patient. Aeromedical repatriations are a multi-disciplinary process involving 24/7 operations staff, highly trained and experienced medical teams, skilled and caring flight escorts and professional linguists who communicate directly with the doctors overseas and translate any medical reports obtained.

evolomedica can take care of all aspects of the aeromedical repatriation. We arrange the road ambulances overseas, the flights on the commercial airline, ensure that medical clearance is obtained and assign the appropriate medical escort to help repatriate the patient safely. evolomedica can also arrange the road ambulance once back in the UK, the hospital admission (if required) and an appointment with the patient’s own doctor.

We have extensive expertise in the field of aeromedical repatriations and we can help make the process efficient and cost-effective whilst also making the experience less stressful for the patient and family. We ensure that the patient’s care and requirements are given paramount importance.

evolomedica specialises in worldwide medical repatriations, advising when and how patients can be brought home safely.

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