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Air Ambulance Repatriations

evolomedica offers air ambulance services for individuals in Europe and across the globe. Some patients are too ill to travel on a normal commercial aircraft and will require a dedicated air ambulance service. Our flight partners have the capability to transfer critically ill or injured patients to the correct medical facility for appropriate and specialist care.

Depending on the location of the patient and their immediate medical needs we will select the most appropriate aircraft for them to travel home in. Once we have discussed patient requirements and medical condition with the treating doctor, we will then arrange the flight and ground transfer arrangements. All

Air ambulances are staffed with an appropriate onboard medical crew and a wide range of medical equipment.

There are many different illnesses or injuries which could prevent a patient travelling home on a normal commercial aircraft. Once we have assessed the patient's needs we can arrange repatriation for patients who are unable to sit, patients who are critically ill and terminally ill patients, thanks to the advanced medical equipment used on the aircraft and the skills of the onboard medical crew.

Air ambulances can be arranged for patient transfers in emergency situations where immediate evacuation is required. We have access to specialist flight partners across the globe who can be contacted and dispatched at short notice. Once an air ambulance flight has been confirmed we will make sure all necessary arrangements are finalised, including ground transfers, medical discharge summary from overseas hospital and UK hospital admission.

We can also arrange an air ambulance repatriation for patients who do not have travel insurance and for private individuals.

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