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Private Medical Insurance

We are committed to offering Private Medical Insurers our advice and expertise in relation to medical treatment for expatriates, offering a second medical opinion and repatriating or evacuating expatriates. Having built up many years in the industry, we understand the needs of private medical insurers and aim to offer a professional and flexible approach.

  • evolomedica's team of experienced doctors and nurses is available 24/7 to review cases and advise on the management of sick and injured expatriate patients.
  • Our multilingual team can liaise with the medical team overseas, as well as directly with your client or their family, so that we can ensure your client’s case is dealt with appropriately.
  • If the client wishes to travel following injury or illness, we will advise on the different options, whilst maintaining the highest standards of patient care.
  • Should a flight doctor, nurse or paramedic be required to escort your client, we have access to a range of specialist medical escorts who are trained in aviation medicine.
  • Our medical team can arrange admission if required. They will discuss the patient's needs with the local hospital and ensure that a hospital bed is waiting for the patient on arrival.
  • Our team is highly experienced and trained to work within cost-constraints to ensure private medical insurers receive the best price. We have access to an extensive network of air ambulance providers, which means we can ensure private medical insurers the most cost-effective air ambulance repatriation on the market.
  • Our medical team is on hand to offer an impartial second opinion on medical cases with regards to whether a patient is receiving appropriate treatment for their condition abroad.
  • We can advise whether a patient's past medical history is related to their current condition.
  • With extensive knowledge of healthcare providers abroad, we can advise on which hospitals have the appropriate facilities to meet the patient's needs.
  • Our multilingual, medical translation department can arrange translation of your client's medical reports and invoices into English.
  • We can visit your offices in person to deliver medical and repatriation training for your operations staff so that they too can become experienced in the art of medical repatriation.

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